Quick, what’s 645 x 2846?

Or 835 x 23?

And 94.75 x 0.294?

You wouldn’t dream of having memorized the answers to these or similar questions because, if you know how multiplication works, you can figure them out when and if you need to. It’s the same way with food and cooking. Forget trying to memorize or learn new recipes. Just be curious about different techniques, ingredients and aesthetics. Think about the physics and chemistry behind food, and the history. Then, faced with saffron, vanilla or cardamom, you’ll know how to store it, why it’s expensive, when to use it and how to optimize that incredible flavor. You’ll never be tied to the well-meaning tyranny of someone else’s recipe. Everything that emerges from your kitchen will be yours–the failures and the successes, both. You will be a scientist, an artist and a magician. And, of course: a damn good cook.

I’m Néné. Welcome to my online chez.

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. You’re so cute! And well-written. And a damn good cook. Kill it, sister.

  2. This is an interesting thought which I have never before heard articulated.

  3. Well said! You have captured the art and science of cooking deliciously well!

    “You’ll never be tied to the well-meaning tyranny of someone else’s recipe.” So true! When Apoorva, my older daughter, started pottering around in the kitchen, I realized quickly that the CJLM (Cook Just Like Me!) Syndrome would just not work between her and me. So, while I give her the basic recipe, I always leave her to do her own tweaking to suit her own palate and I must admit that her end results are invariably good!

    Neha, the interesting manner in which you have described all the recipes and the actual cooking process (I also learnt about mezzaluna, tagine et al.) serve very well to bring alive the aromatic and appetizing flavours of your kitchen to us. So much so, that even for a strict vegetarian like me, they are very appealing! : ) Not to forget the visual appeal of the accompanying pictures of course! Your passion, creativity, artistic flair for cooking, great sense of humour and keen eye for aesthetics shine through the online pages and transform the mundane activity of cooking into the realm of ecstasy. I see Design here also! Keep experimenting and sharing, Chef Extraordinaire!

    Visiting Chez Néné has reminded me of Meryl Streep in ‘Julie and Julia’. I guess that’s one movie I will have to watch again…. soon!

  4. Dear Neha,

    I read all your recipes with great interest although I am a strict vegetarian. I love your style of writing!

    Greetings to you on Women’s Day today!



    • Thank you so much. 🙂 I have neglected this blog for a while and I’m trying to get back to it now. And, having read your comment, I’ve made the red pepper and porcini soup vegetarian–the bacon is really not critical. 🙂

  5. Hey Nene!

    Just stumbled upon your site, and I wanted to see if you’d be interested in becoming a host with EatWith (www (dot) eatwith (dot) com). You seem wonderful and potentially a great fit for our platform! 🙂


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