Kind Words

I’m grateful to these wonderful people; they have been subjected to many of my culinary experiments, and still have nice things to say! -N

Make sure to leave room for dessert. Néné has a great way of blending sweet and spicy flavors.
Alon W., San Francisco

Néné’s passion for cooking and her lively wit guarantee you’ll have a good time.
William P., San Francisco

Would photographic evidence of [me] licking that chocolate ganache cake batter make my point?
Radhika M., Boston, MA

There is a phrase: “awesome sauce.” This is it.
Eric H., Columbus, OH

Néné is a poet of the culinary arts; her elegantly inventive dishes both thrill the palate and quicken the mind.
Andy J, Berkeley

If you have the chance to sit at her table, just do it. It is pure pleasure. Each time, I want to swoon and lick my plate. One of my recent favorites is the cocktail she created for our dinner: it had vine-ripened strawberries and a lavender infusion, and none of us could get enough of it.
Lu Ellen S., Palo Alto

Néné knows how to use big flavors subtly. Her beautiful details allow your eyes to feast as well as your palate. If you are incredibly fortunate you will get to taste her chicken liver pate with shallot jam. Observe while you reach a state of tastebud ecstasy!
Sooz K., Santa Cruz

She’s a genius. Srsly.
The New York Times. Okay, fine, I admit I made this one up. What gave it away?

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